Process Enhancement


KYZEN Rinse 20 is a specialty blend of surfactants that reduces surface tension and promotes sheeting of rinse water off part surfaces. The addition of Rinse 20 as low as .25% to the rinse sump eliminates water spots.

KYZEN Rinse 20 is a cost-effective additive that is easy to use and can be added to the rinse stage of all wash processes. Rinse 20 is a non-flammable, non-corrosive biodegradable aqueous solution that contains no CFCs or HAPs.


KYZEN DF-7 is a blend of ingredients specially chosen to be effective at reducing foam in aqueous parts washers at all temperatures. DF-7 is easy to use and applied as received directly into the sump to reduce foam often caused when certain oils or greases become saponified.

KYZEN DF-7 is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and contains no CFCs or HAPs. KYZEN DF-7 is compatible with all materials of construction used in industrial parts cleaning systems and processes.


KYZEN Defoamer is an effective de-foaming agent to eliminate foam build-up in aqueous spray cleaners. KYZEN Defoamer has been found to be especially effective for use in captured wash tanks where water-soluble flux residues cause excessive foaming.

KYZEN Defoamer is environmentally friendly and non-flammable presenting minimal work hazards. Due to low volatility, KYZEN Defoamer will stay in solution longer providing an economical solution that is compatible with all materials commonly used in electronic assembly cleaning processes.


KYZEN Booster 20 is a cost-effective sump-side additive that enhances performance for those hard to clean applications. Depending on process needs, Booster 20 is added to the wash sump of most spray-in-air batch and in-line cleaners, within the range of a few ounces up to 5%.

KYZEN Booster 20 utilizes the latest technology available to assist in boosting KYZEN cleaning chemistry, enhance solder joint appearance and protect sensitive substrates without increasing VOC levels. Booster 20 is cost-effective and provides optimal performance with little effort.