Waste metal/dross collection

Temple4 provides a full solder dross collection and recycling service, we will credit our customers back for recovered metals from the solder dross. Any credit will be based on current LME metals prices at the time of recycling and recovery less transportation costs.

Collection Information

Registrations and licenses for waste collection and storage

Temple4 uses the services of Whitkirk Waste to collect and deliver the waste. Whitkirk are a fully registered waste carrier and broker with the Environment Agency, registration number CBDU217162. Their drivers are fully trained ADR drivers and hold the appropriate licences. They handle all Duty of Care administration and provide a Waste Transfer Note that travels with the shipment from collection to delivery.

Temple4 has registered with the Environment Agency, under “S2 waste exemption: storing waste in a secure place”, registration number WEX233500. This exemption allows us to store specific waste at a secure intermediate site, separate to where the waste was produced, before transportation to another site for recovery.

Collection Procedure


Collection Steps

Please contact the main Temple4 office via the email or phone number below to organise for your free of charge dross bins and labels to be sent to you.

Package all dross in the supplied dross buckets and attach the lid, please do not overfill the buckets and ensure that the lids can be safely fitted to the bucket, please follow the guidelines on dross bucket label.

Load the full dross buckets onto a suitable pallet and secure and wrap ready for collection by our licensed collection haulier. Clearly mark the pallet with our return address ready for collection.

Check list

Please ensure the dross bucket is suitably labelled with the weight, type of dross and metals within. We will need the combined weight of the buckets when booking your collection.

Temple4 will also take back waste solder paste, but this has to be put into separate dross bins to the normal dross and emptied from the original solder paste pots or cartridges.


Please note that we cannot accept your dross for recovery if it has not been correctly labelled and identified

We hope the above explains the procedure clearly, however, please do contact us on 01730 888499 or if you need any further clarification.