Official partner & distributor for CHT in the UK

With an expanded R&D facility in the UK
CHT now works closely with other CHT development laboratories around the world and with much of the research focused on electrical and electronic applications. CHT are developing coatings, thermal transfer compounds and non-corrosive sealants. Their customer focused development programme and flexible production facility enable us to keep pace with the needs of today’s modern production methods and design requirements.

CHT has been manufacturing silicone compounds for over 40 years.
During that time, they have acquired a great deal of experience and expertise and have gained an enviable reputation for producing high quality materials which have been proven to perform to a very high standard in the most demanding applications, including the aerospace and automotive industries.

Qualified, experienced sales and technical staff
are readily available to make site visits throughout Europe and advise on product selection and production methods. Our expertise extends into all areas of 1 and 2-part RTV silicone chemistry with a strong bias towards application-based solutions.

ACC Silicones became a member of the worldwide operating CHT group in September 2017.
In April 2019, CHT UK Manchester Limited acquired all the assets and liabilities of ACC Silicones Ltd. CHT is a global speciality chemical manufacturer with a strong focus on silicone chemistry. This new development will provide additional resources to drive our application based product development forward. For further information about the CHT Group see ourCompany Profile page.


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