MICRONOX MX2708 is formulated for the demanding cleaning challenges presented within leadless devices such as low standoff gaps and fine pitch BGAs, flip chips, QFNs, LGAs, and passives. MX2708 completely removes organic acid residue of all kinds at low, safe operating concentrations all while having no effect on exposed metal and intermetallic alloys including Cu, Al, Sn, Pb, Ni, Ag, and Au finishes. MX2708 most effectively cleans organic acid flux residues at lower concentrations in spray-in-air cleaning systems.

MICRONOX MX2708 is a balanced cleaning agent designed around the critical process conditions that match the cleaning agent with water-soluble fluxes and pastes. Because of the very low surface tension, MX2708 offers superior cleaning under highly dense die and rinses freely and completely without reacting with exposed metals or damaging substrates.


MICRONOX MX2501 is an engineered precision vapor cleaning solvent designed to be a drop-in replacement for modern era vapor degreasing equipment. MX2501 is effective in removing no-clean and rosin flux residues with superior performance characteristics over other fluorinated based cleaning solvents.

MICRONOX MX2501 has “Zero” ozone-depletion potential and can replace TCE and TCA in many cleaning applications. MICRONOX MX2501 is compatible with all materials commonly used in electronic assembly manufacturing and vapor degreasing processes.


MICRONOX MX2322 is a semiconductor grade semi-aqueous solvent that is designed to clean all types of paste fluxes common in wafer bumping, wafer-level packaging, die-attach, flipchip and SiP containing copper pillar. MICRONOX MX2322 demonstrates its excellent cleaning performance and benefits in single-wafer spray-in-air tools as well as all immersion cleaning systems.

MICRONOX MX2322 is used as received and rinses quickly and cleanly with DI water. MX2322 has a wide process window, as well as a long bath life providing a low cost of ownership. MICRONOX MX2322 has proven superior compatibility on exposed sensitive metals including aluminum, copper and nickel as well as passivation materials.


MICRONOX MX2302DT is a semi-aqueous chemistry for high lead applications where longer cleaning process times are required. MICRONOX MX2302DT has an enhanced inhibition package that allows for longer process times without damaging delicate substrates.

Easy to use, MICRONOX MX2302DT has excellent compatibility with all soldering materials, passivation layers (PI, Nitride, Silicon Dioxide, BCB, etc.) and metal layers. MX2302DT is used at full strength in all immersion systems to remove difficult flux and paste residues from advanced assemblies and followed by a DI water rinse. MICRONOX MX2302DT is a biodegradable, non-flammable, non-corrosive solvent that contains no CFCs or HAPs.


MICRONOX MX2302 is an engineered semi-aqueous solvent blend designed to remove difficult flux and paste residues from wafer bumps found in die-attach, flip chip, copper pillar, and emerging semiconductor assemblies. MX2302 is used as received in all immersion cleaning systems including; semi-aqueous centrifugal, spray under immersion, ultrasonic and mega-sonic systems. MICRONOX MX2302 is compatible with all soldering materials and metal layers as well as materials of construction common in the production and cleaning of assemblies.

A major benefit of MICRONOX MX2302 is its complete water solubility, which enhances the ease of rinsing and removal of ionic contamination. MX2302 has a low vapor pressure that reduces concerns of flammability and smell. MICRONOX MX2302 has a low surface tension of 20-26 dynes/cm improving cleaning under the Z-axis of the component or package and is buffered to maintain a stable pH.


MICRONOX MX2150 is a used as received cleaning agent that is designed to remove flux residues from Camera Module (CMOS, CCD) assemblies. MX2150 is effective on a broad range of Pb-free process flux residues in ultrasonic systems, and preserves shine on solder joints. Designed with a gentle formula, MICRONOX MX2150 provides excellent compatibility with FFC, FPC, and all metals. It is easy to use, rinses easily and completely, with a low cost of ownership.

MICRONOX  MX2150 offers metal compatibility with SAC305, SN100, and lead-free bismuth solder alloys. MX2150 is engineered with a mixture of functional additives that are added to protect metallic surfaces from chemical attack, surface tension reduction to improve wetting and penetration under low gap components, and reduce foam propagation. The features engineered into MX2150 make for a highly effective ultrasonic cleaning product. The product has a wide material compatibility window on all electronic packaging substrates


MICRONOX MX2100 is an aqueous, single-phase solvent designed to remove tough flux residue from PMIC devices including IGBT modules and power MOSFETs. MX2100 has a well-balanced formula that provides outstanding cleaning performance and metal compatibility, and leaves great metal surface condition for post wire bonding and EMC process. It’s designed to be effective in In-Line SIA.

PMIC devices exposed metalization is susceptible to cleaning agent attack on the aluminum pads, exposed copper, nickle and high lead alloy. MICRONOX MX2100 intermolecular attractive forces for polar and non-polar organic acid flux residues allow for rapid dissolution of the flux residue. The low level of free alkalinity in combination with corrosion inhibition technology protect exposed metals from cleaning agent attack while still allowing post-cleaning wire bonding.