METALNOX M6920 is a highly effective VOC free cleaning solution intended for use in vapor degreasing equipment, cold cleaning, and manual cleaning and is a suitable replacement for AK225. M6920 has proven compatible with a variety of metal parts, such as stainless steel, copper, iron, aluminum, and titanium. METALNOX M6920 also works well with alloys used in precision cleaning industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, electronics, and defense. M6920 has been tested and conforms to ASTM F 945-12 and meets MIL-PRF-32295A performance specifications!

METALNOX M6920 is a green solvent with desirable environmental properties, specifically negligible ozone depletion, ultra­low MIR and a Global Warming Potential of 1. M6920 can be used alone or in combination with co-solvent or KYZEN’s DuoSolvent cleaning processes. METALNOX M6920 is low odor, recyclable, and offers zero personnel exposure while filling and removing from the cleaning machine.


METALNOX M6431 is designed to replace caustic degreasers. Safely cleans ferrous and non-ferrous alloys including aluminum and titanium. M6431 is an approved cleaner used in the manufacture and overhaul of aircraft parts. METALNOX M6431 is an environmentally friendly water-based cleaner with excellent rinse-ability and worker safety benefits.

METALNOX M6431 is a near neutral to mild alkaline cleaning chemistry used in immersion cleaning processes. M6431 effectively removes both water-soluble and insoluble oils, as well as burned on carbon from aluminum and other non-ferrous metals at low temperatures. METALNOX M6431 is a non-emulsifying, non-silicate, non-phosphate aqueous cleaner concentrate. METALNOX M6431 cleaning processes also produce bright, oil-free brass parts, with no discoloration.


METALNOX M6386 is a modified alcohol-based solvent blend designed for use in automated vacuum degreasing parts cleaning machines. M6386 is highly effective on paraffinic and water-based oils, cutting fluids and milling fluids commonly used to forge and cast metal hardware, fasteners and components. METALNOX M6386 cleans both non-polar and polar oils and coolants from steel, brass, aluminum and all other metals.

METALNOX M6386 dries completely without leaving residues and is compatible with a broad range of seal materials, including Viton GF, Teflon, and EPDM.

PROCESS SUPPORT PRODUCTS AVAILABLE: KYZEN Booster 86 is designed to be added to the wash solution to stop the formation of and neutralize acidic materials that may form in degreasing systems as needed based on acid acceptance values measured via the KYZEN Acid Stabilizer Kit 86.

For corrosion protection use KYZEN CP86 following the cleaning process to coat the parts with a protective barrier, allowing them to be stored without the risk of rust formation.


METALNOX M6355 is a heavy-duty cleaning chemistry designed to meet the stringent demands of precision stamping operations as well as some aluminum remanufacturing processes. M6355 effectively removes oils and carbon from aluminum and steel parts without damaging or discoloring and contains corrosion inhibitors for aluminum and copper alloys. METALNOX M6355 has also proven effective on Teflon stamping lubes used for high-speed deep drawn fabricated parts.

METALNOX M6355 is highly concentrated and provides an exceptionally long bath life for use in spray-in-air and rotary basket cleaning systems. M6355 will rapidly split oils from the cleaning solution and can be removed via coalescers and/or skimmers.


METALNOX M6353 is an innovative aqueous cleaning solution designed to meet the stringent demands of automotive and diesel remanufacturing operations. M6353 effectively removes heavily burned-on oil and carbonaceous soils from aluminum and steel parts without damaging or discoloring. METALNOX M6353 is highly concentrated and when diluted is highly effective in ultrasonic and immersion cleaning systems.

METALNOX M6353 provides for an exceptionally long bath life. M6353 is a low VOC solution that rapidly removes years of oils and environmental exposure, unlike traditional caustic soaps, that is always a challenge for the remanufacturing industry. METALNOX M6353 will leave a clean, spot-free surface on parts when rinsed with clean water, making them ready for the next stage of the remanufacturing process cycle.


METALNOX M6324R is a high alkaline aqueous cleaning chemistry that has proven effective in both spray and immersion cleaning processes to clean steel parts. M6324R effectively removes water-insoluble oils, heavy greases, deep draw stamping compounds, and other difficult soils, including oxides and burned on carbon.  METALNOX M6324R is extensively used in high-speed stamping or reel-to-reel operations where wash exposure time is short.

METALNOX M6324R is a low foaming, non-emulsifying chemical blend. M6324R chemistry is an oil splitting formula that allows for a longer bath life and a lower steady-state bath soil load, thus providing cleaner parts in a cost-effective cleaning operation. Rinse with KYZEN CP90S to provide extended rust protection. Not recommended to clean aluminum, brass or copper substrates.


METALNOX M6324CP is a heavy-duty, alkaline cleaner/inhibitor formulated to remove chlorinated, paraffinic oils used in a wide range of machining, stamping, and deep draw operations. M6324CP is built with effective steel corrosion inhibitors to provide long-term protection from rust. M6324CP can also be added to both the wash and rinse stages of multi-stage cleaning systems.

METALNOX M6324CP is excellent at removing difficult soils including carbon smut and chlorinated oils. M6324CP is low foaming and has a very low VOC making it easy to use and environmentally friendly. METALNOX M6324CP provides effective steel corrosion protection for up to 90-days of indoor protection and has an oil splitting formula to allow efficient oil removal.


METALNOX M6321 is a heavy-duty aqueous blend for the cleaning of carbonaceous soils resulting from deep draw, laser cutting, welding, brazing and other similar operations. M6321 is an excellent choice for the removal of carbon smut and rapidly cleans polymer-based, dry-film lubricant applied in roll-coating operations while maintaining a low VOC and leaving little to no visible residue. METALNOX M6321 finds extensive use in high-speed stamping and in roll-coating operations where wash exposure time is short. M6321 can be used in both spray and immersion systems and does not require a rinse.

METALNOX M6321 will separate the oils from the cleaner in your process, allowing the oils to be removed easily from the metal parts cleaning baths before they can migrate downstream. The result is less maintenance, less waste, a more efficient process and a higher-quality finish.


METALNOX M6318 is a spray cleaning and ultrasonic system alkaline solution designed to efficiently clean magnesium, aluminum, titanium and other materials commonly used in the military and aerospace industries. As an effective final cleaner, M6318 is suitable for the removal of oil, grease, emulsions and lubricants used in aerospace industries. METALNOX M6318 was tested and conforms to many AMS and ASTM specifications including ASTM F-1110 (Sandwich Corrosion).

METALNOX M6318 rinses freely for a spot-free finish while maintaining a long bath life and providing clean parts. M6318 can also be used for the pre-cleaning of metals prior to powder coating or plating when used in a combined cleaning coating system to prepare the surface for a long-term seal coat application.


METALNOX M6314 is a safe, all-purpose aqueous cleaner suitable for all spray cleaning and ultrasonic systems. M6314 is specifically designed to clean a broad range of both water-soluble and insoluble oils and removes oil, grease, emulsions as well as lubricants commonly used in metal industries. METALNOX M6314 is suitable for use on ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, chrome, steel, aluminum, hard metals and HSS-parts.

METALNOX M6314 contains corrosion inhibitors for steel to prevent flash corrosion and rinses completely leaving a clean, spot-free, bright surface. M6314 can be used for the pre-cleaning of metals prior to coating when used in a combined cleaning coating system to prepare the surface for long-term seal coat application prior to powder coating. The low foaming qualities of M6314 make it ideal for use in monorail type spray wash systems and high-pressure manual wash cleaning bays.


METALNOX M6310 is a unique, mild alkaline, aqueous cleaning chemistry that contains corrosion inhibitors to protect soft metals such as aluminum, brass, bronze, and copper. M6310 works successfully in both spray and immersion cleaning processes at low concentrations. METALNOX M6310 is designed to remove machining oils, burned on carbon and other manufacturing soils from all types of metal substrates. M6310 effectively removes both water and insoluble oils, tungsten carbide and other metals susceptible to chemical attack.

METALNOX M6310 is non-emulsifying and oil splitting allowing for longer bath life and reduced soil load in a charged bath, thus providing cleaner parts within a cost-effective cleaning operation.


METALNOX M6093 is a citric acid metal parts cleaning formulation designed to remove metal oxides, scale, rust, carbonaceous soils and other hard to remove industrial soils from metal parts. For use on a variety of metals, M6093 is a versatile product for cleaning in all immersion, spray and manual brush applications as well as descaling and passivation.

METALNOX M6093 is commonly used to descale parts cleaning washers and provides a safe passivation for stainless steel. M6093 will also safely remove the surface oxide film and tarnish colors on the surface of aluminum and copper.  METALNOX M6093 is VOC free and compatible on most ferrous and cuprous metals, glass, ceramics, plastics and rubber surfaces.


METALNOX M6091 is a specially selected blend of organic and mineral acids, inhibitors, and surfactants designed to be effective on metal oxides, scale, lime deposits, particulates, and other inorganic soils. M6091 removes heavy rust from steel parts in spray and immersion processes.

METALNOX M6091 is a biodegradable, non-hazardous, non-flammable aqueous solution that is an effective de-scaler of cleaning equipment. M6091 is a low foaming, low VOC solution that when rinsed with CP90SA will provide extended rust protection. METALNOX M6091 is safe to use on most ferrous and cuprous metals, glass, ceramics, plastics and rubber surfaces.