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KYZEN offers cost-effective cleaning chemistries designed for the unique challenges of Contract Manufacturing, Stencil and Maintenance Applications.


Kyzen E5321

Part Number: kze5321

UN Number: UN3267

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Exclusive UK Partner

E5321 pallets and maintenance cleaner is a room temperature pallet and maintenance cleaning agent. This cost-effective chemistry removes all types of solder paste and flux residues, including baked on and hardened lead-free high-temperature flux residues from wave pallets and filters. Some maintenance applications may need higher concentrations. Kyzen booster 20 is available for parts with aluminium hardware.

  • pH (10 g/L) 11
  • Flash Point None to Boiling
  • Boiling Point 217°F~103°C
  • Water Soluble Complete
  • VOC, 10% 47.7 g/L

Application Spray, Ultrasonic & Soak
Operating Concentration 3-10% for Pallet
5-10% for Maintenance
Temperature Ambient to 104°F/40°C
Rinse Recommend DI water
Dry Hot Air

Kyzen E5611

Part Number: kze5611

UN Number: Not Regulated

Next day delivery on in stock items ordered before 2pm

Exclusive UK Partner

E5611 stencil and misprinted board cleaner is a cost-effective cleaning chemistry designed for easy dilution for removing flux, solder paste and uncured adhesives from stencils and misprints. E5611 has proven compatible with most standard stencil cleaning equipment.

pH (10g/L) Neutral
Flashpoint None to Boiling
Boiling Point 219°F / 103°C
Water Soluble Partially Miscible
VOC, @ 82.2 g/L

Application Spray & Ultrasonic
Concentration <25%
Temperature 120oF / 49oC
Rinse Recommended DI Water
DryHot Air

Kyzen E5615

Part Number: kze5615

UN Number: Not Regulated

Next day delivery on in stock items ordered before 2pm

Exclusive UK Partner

E5615 fast drying stencil cleaner is an aqueous based cleaner designed to be the fastest drying chemistry in the industry designed to remove un-reflowed solder paste from stencils and related equipment.

pH 7.5
Flash Point None to Boiling
Boiling Point 198°F/93°C
Water Soluble Soluble
VOC 251.60 g/L

Application Spray, Immersion,
Underscreen & Manual Wipe
Operating Concentration Ready to Use
Temperature Ambient
Rinse None Required
Dry Air



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