Kyzen E


KYZEN E5615 is an aqueous-based cleaner designed to be the fastest drying chemistry in the industry. E5615 is engineered to reduce stencil underwipe coefficient of variation and improve solder paste release. KYZEN E5615 is shipped ready to use and successfully removes raw solder paste from stencils and related equipment.

KYZEN E5615 is a pH neutral cleaning agent that has no flash point to boiling. This product is an ideal replacement for IPA (isopropyl alcohol). E5615 is effective on water soluble, rosin and many no-clean solder paste products. KYZEN E5615 contains no non-volatile ingredients within the formulation, and as such, requires no solvent or water rinsing.


KYZEN E5314 is a versatile aqueous cleaning product specifically designed to remove non-reflowed solder paste from stencils and solder paste printing hardware. E5314 cleans flux from wave soldering pallets and light oils from assembly equipment and fixtures. KYZEN E5314 exhibits a wide material compatibility profile and does not attack or etch yellow (brass/copper) and white (aluminum) metals.

KYZEN E5314 is a mildly alkaline cleaning agent with positive environmental properties that can be used in spray, soak or ultrasonic cleaning processes. E5314 is engineered with a mixture of inorganic builders and surfactant-based ingredients that has a very low VOC and is essentially odorless. KYZEN E5314 has a long bath life is successful at low concentrations and temperatures making it a product with a low cost of ownership.


KYZEN E5321-LF is a room temperature pallet and maintenance cleaning agent specifically designed to remove flux residues from wave solder pallets, reflow oven filters, spray nozzles, air bubbling diffusion bars, and other assembly hardware used to solder and reflow printed circuit assemblies. E5321-LF will clean most residues in the 3-5% concentration range however, baked on and hardened lead-free high temperature flux residues may require higher concentrations.

KYZEN E5321-LF is formulated to minimize the foaming potential that can be caused by some organic acid soils in batch spray systems. E5321-LF has a broad material compatibility matrix including PVC plumbing. NOTE: KYZEN Booster 20 is available to increase effectiveness and compatibility of KYZEN E5321-LF for parts with aluminum hardware.


KYZEN E5325 is used in spray-in-air applications to effectively and efficiently perform off-line maintenance cleaning to remove even the most difficult fluxes and solder pastes from pallets, wave solder fingers, reflow oven parts and associated tooling. E5325 has proven compatible with aluminum, copper, and steel as well as standard materials used in reflow oven systems, wave solder, and associated tooling.

KYZEN E5325 is a low odor solution that delivers successful results with minimal exposure time. E5325 will reduce maintenance and machine downtime therefore increasing production and reducing overall cost. KYZEN E5325 has no VOCs making it a great choice as an environmentally friendly chemistry.


KYZEN E5322 is engineered to effectively and efficiently perform off-line maintenance cleaning of your wave solder, reflow oven systems, and associated tooling. E5322 removes even the most difficult fluxes and solder pastes in commonly used immersion cleaning systems and has excellent material compatibility including: aluminum, copper and steel.

KYZEN E5322 has had successful results with minimal exposure time. E5322 helps reduce maintenance and machine down time while increasing production and reducing overall cost while having a long bath life and low odor.


KYZEN E5611 is a concentrated aqueous cleaning chemistry designed to remove non-reflowed solder paste and uncured chip bonder adhesives from stencils and hardware following the printing process. E5611 works on a wide range of solder paste technologies, including water soluble, rosin, low residue and synthetic flux compositions. KYZEN E5611 is also effective at removing uncured SMT adhesives used to hold passive components prior to soldering.

KYZEN E5611 is designed for use in aqueous spray-in-air and ultrasonic stencil cleaning machines and is effective at low concentrations and ambient temperature. E5611 is uniquely designed to allow the product to be applied without rinsing however, rinsing with DI water following the cleaning process is recommended. The wash concentration of KYZEN E5611 depends on the soil type and levels of solvency needed to dissolve resin binder present in flux and adhesive compositions.


KYZEN E5631 is designed to be used at low concentrations and ambient temperature in stencil cleaning processes including spray-in-air, understencil, and ultrasonic systems. E5631 was formulated with the worker and environment in mind and is a cost-effective solution that quickly and efficiently cleans all types of raw solder paste flux from stencils and A-side misprints.

KYZEN E5631 has proven compatible with stencil foil, epoxy adhesives, frames, and mesh as well as the materials of construction found in stencil cleaning equipment. E5631 has favorable GHS and safety ratings. KYZEN E5631 is a non-hazardous, biodegradable aqueous solution that is RoHS compliant and meets all REACH requirements to date.