Corrosion Protection


KYZEN CP90SA is a long-term corrosion protection product proven effective in preventing rust or oxidation on all ferrous parts in the most humid environment, even during an ocean freight shipment. CP90SA is designed for use in hot humid locations or process operations exposed to the environment.

KYZEN CP90SA uses dry film protection, not oil-based, to help prevent corrosion. CP90SA is compatible with brake fluid and brake system components and blends into rinse tanks at a concentration of up to 15%. KYZEN CP90SA can be shipped via air freight.


KYZEN CP90K is an aqueous blend of organic and inorganic inhibitors specially designed for long-term protection from oxidation during in-door storage. CP90K can be added to all rinse stages to prevent flash rusting. KYZEN CP90K contains no chlorinated compounds, chromates, or nitrites and enables powder coat and oil-based coatings to be directly applied with no additional removal process.

KYZEN CP90K helps to maintain a clean preservation process through the absence of oily residues. CP90K leaves a non-tacky, virtually undetectable dry film on the metal surface that provides excellent corrosion protection. Proven effective for 90-days of indoor non air-conditioned storage, KYZEN CP90K is recommended for many common processes and provides the most economical preservation option.


KYZEN CP86 is a heavy-duty blend of organic inhibitors specifically designed to be used with METALNOX M6386 or other modified alcohol solvents. CP86 is designed for use in all modified alcohol cleaning systems, depending on process needs, at approximately 5%.

KYZEN CP86 offers short- and long-term protection on a variety of metal parts, especially ferrous metals, for indoor storage. CP86 does not distill over with modified alcohol solvents.