IONOX I3302 is a semi-aqueous cleaning agent designed for cleaning the most challenging SMT Pb-free solder paste and tacky flux paste residues. This solution is also safe and effective for use on the newest Sn/Bi solder paste formulas.  I3302 is highly effective at removing baked-on flux residues, which is particularly beneficial when cleaning lead frames, packages, and high-lead alloys. IONOX I3302 is designed for semi-aqueous centrifugal, spray under immersion, ultrasonic and mega-sonic tools, and should be rinsed with DI water or IPA.

IONOX I3302 is environmentally friendly and compatible with cleaning equipment and most materials of construction commonly used in electronics manufacturing. I3302 is a non-hazardous, biodegradable cleaning agent that provides a long bath life for your process. IONOX I3302 is completely water-soluble which enhances rinsing and the removal of ionic contamination.


IONOX FCR is a high-strength, concentrated cleaner containing a blend of organic solvents and inhibitors. FCR is engineered to remove organic acid, rosin and no-clean flux residues from electronic assemblies, advanced packages, hybrid and SMT substrates. IONOX FCR is used as received, in semi-aqueous centrifugal, spray under immersion, ultrasonic or mega-sonic tools, and should be followed with a water rinse to remove all traces of soils and cleaner residues from substrate surfaces.

IONOX FCR is an environmentally friendly, naturally derived, biodegradable cleaning agent. FCR is effective on a wide variety of soils, offers a low cost of ownership and long bath life. It has a low vapor pressure, which reduces concerns of flammability and smell. IONOX FCR has complete water solubility, which enhances the ease of rinsing and removal of ionic contamination. It has been used within the industry for over 25 years and has a long heritage of successful use.


IONOX BC is a semi-aqueous electronics cleaner made from a blend of organic solvents used in both manual stencil cleaning and under stencil wipe applications. IONOX BC is also commonly used for benchtop spot cleaning of reworked PCBs. As a legacy cleaning solution, IONOX BC is effective for removing virtually all types of solder pastes and fluxes including rosin, low residue/no-clean and organic acid, as well as flux core solder wire.

IONOX BC is a non-flammable, low odor concentrated cleaner that is a manufacturer approved solvent for use in automated stencil printer applications. IONOX BC can also be used in immersion systems as well as applied by hand-wipe or coarse spray methods. Rinsing is optional with this product, however, if rinsing is desired or required, DI water, IPA or self-rinse with fresh IONOX BC can be used. IONOX BC is multi-metal safe and has proven compatible with all materials commonly used in electronic assembly manufacturing and cleaning processes.