AQUANOX A4727 is an award-winning electronics assembly cleaning solution that provides exceptional results when cleaning printed circuit boards and advanced packaging assemblies. A4727 has been lab and field-tested in spray-in-air processes and has proven effective on all solder flux residues, including the most difficult Pb-free and no-clean formulations. AQUANOX A4727 meets your cleaning requirements with advanced technology that gives a stable pH, superior risibility and predictable compatibility throughout its long bath life.

AQUANOX A4727 is used at low concentrations to remove even the toughest soils on complex, dense assemblies. A4727 is engineered to be effective, stable and predictable, all day, every day and is compatible with a wide variety of components, coatings, labels, and equipment. AQUANOX A4727 is cost-effective, non-hazardous, biodegradable and contains no CFCs or HAPs.


AQUANOX A8830 cleans solder paste from stencil apertures in ultrasonic immersion cleaning tanks. A typical wash cycle using a 10% solution of A8830 at room temperature typically requires less than a 4-minute wash cycle and easily rinses with water, leaving no residue on stencil surfaces.  AQUANOX A8830 effectively cleans all solder paste types including water-soluble, rosin, lead-free and no-clean formulas.

AQUANOX A8830 is a mild formulation that does not damage SMT stencils and is highly effective at removing all types of un-reflowed solder pastes from fine pitch apertures. A8830 is a low-odor cleaner that can be used without issue in open-top systems. AQUANOX A8830 is environmentally friendly and is an ideal option for areas where air emissions are highly regulated with a VOC level of less than 1 gram per liter at in-use conditions.


AQUANOX A8820D is a pour and go engineered micro-cell cleaning fluid designed to remove wet solder paste and uncured adhesive from stencils used in surface mount printing processes. A8820D removes all un-reflowed solder paste using spray-in-air and select ultrasonic stencil cleaning machines with no rinsing required.

AQUANOX A8820D is compatible with all materials commonly used in electronic assembly manufacturing and cleaning processes and requires no mixing or monitoring. A8820D is a non-hazardous, non-flammable aqueous solution that contains no CFCs or HAPs.


AQUANOX A8820 is an engineered Micro Cell Technology (MCT™) cleaning fluid designed to remove wet solder paste and uncured adhesive from stencils used in surface mount printing processes. A8820 rapidly dissolves solder paste while maintaining material compatibility with coatings and stencils as well as materials of construction of common stencil cleaners.

AQUANOX A8820 is typically used for off-line stencil cleaning and may be used in spray-in-air and select ultrasonic stencil cleaning machines. A8820 does not require a rinse, is non-flammable, low in odor and fast drying.


AQUANOX A4241 is an innovative aqueous cleaning solution developed for cleaning printed circuit boards and stencils, two (2) processes with one (1) chemistry. A4241 is effective on the toughest of soils while protecting the most sensitive parts from etch or darkening. AQUANOX A4241 is multi-metal safe, including bare aluminum and copper.

AQUANOX A4241 is eco-friendly and boasts excellent compatibility; it also requires minimal monitoring and maintenance. A4241 results in brilliant solder joints with no sump side additives, by utilizing revolutionary inhibition technology.


AQUANOX A4703 is a pH neutral cleaning solution that will remove no-clean, rosin and water-soluble flux residues from printed circuit assemblies. A4703 can be run in both batch and inline spray-in-air cleaning machines at comparably low concentrations and low temperatures equaling a lowered operating cost while maintaining its environmentally friendly nature.

As a pH neutral formulation, AQUANOX A4703 utilizes KYZEN’s revolutionary inhibition technology and is a low foaming solution. This combination delivers superior material compatibility and pristine parts. A4703 is easily controlled by the refractive index, contains no hazardous materials and is low in odor.


AQUANOX A4651US is a low pH cleaning solution designed exclusively for use in ultrasonic immersion cleaning systems. A4651US reduces the cavitation threshold, will completely remove flux residues from printed circuit assemblies and is compatible with a variety of metal components and substrates including aluminum and copper. AQUANOX A4651US cleans most lead-free, no-clean, rosin-based, and water-soluble flux residues consistently on assemblies.

AQUANOX A4651US provides bright and shiny solder joints with no sump side additives and cleans exceptionally well on the latest flux formulations. A4651US can be used “as-is” or diluted, dependent on the flux type. AQUANOX A4651US consistently and successfully provides exceptional cleaning results with minimal bath monitoring.


AQUANOX A4639 is an aqueous cleaning solution designed for hard to clean lead-free, rosin and no-clean flux residues in batch cleaning systems. A4639 provides exceptional cleaning results and protection of metallic surfaces with minimal monitoring and no sump-side additives.

AQUANOX A4639 is easy to control and effective on a wide range of soils at low operating temperatures and concentrations making it a low cost of ownership product. A4639 will clean B-side misprints without adversely affecting the finished assembly. AQUANOX A4639 is best suited for single chamber batch spray-in-air cleaning tools.


AQUANOX A4638 is an engineered cleaning solution designed to remove flux residue from flip-chip and low clearance components on electronic assemblies and advanced packages. Due to low surface tension, AQUANOX A4638 removes water-soluble polar flux residues from highly dense assemblies at low concentrations.

AQUANOX A4638 was designed with specifically selected ingredients that match up to the residues left from organic acid fluxes providing excellent results in short process time. A4638 is compatible with all materials commonly used in electronic assembly manufacturing and cleaning processes.


AQUANOX A4382 is a near-neutral range pH chemistry designed with superior cleaning efficacy with great material compatibility on surface mount assemblies. A4382 most effectively cleans organic acid flux residues at lower concentrations. AQUANOX A4382 completely cleans under highly dense surface mount components without reacting with exposed metals or damaging substrates.

AQUANOX A4382 is formulated as a concentrate and designed to work in spray-in-air aqueous cleaning machines. A4382 is low in odor and contains no hazardous materials. It has a wide material compatibility window and is specifically designed for use on printed circuit board hardware.


AQUANOX A4625B was developed specifically to remove all types of solder pastes and flux residues from printed circuit board assemblies, including the latest lead-free solder paste formulas. Originally designed to address the challenges of batch cleaning systems, A4625B is also very effective when used in in-line washers.

AQUANOX A4625B is a low VOC, environmentally friendly product that has excellent material compatibility due to KYZEN’s revolutionary inhibition technology.  A4625B provides brilliant mirrored solder finishes even after multiple cleaning cycles. AQUANOX A4625B is utilized at low concentrations and temperature, which results in low cost of ownership.


AQUANOX A4625 is a highly dispersive cleaning agent designed to clean electronic assemblies in spray-in-air cleaning equipment. A4625 is effective on greater than 90% of the solder pastes in production today and is commonly used to clean lead-free and no-clean flux types, but will also clean water-soluble soils.

AQUANOX A4625 rinses easily, is safe for multi-pass applications while still providing brilliant mirrored solder joints. A4625 is successful at low concentrations and temperature and has excellent material compatibility. Easy to use, AQUANOX A4625 is an environmentally friendly low VOC solution that offers a long tank life resulting in a low cost of ownership.