Solder Alloys

Low melting point alloys (LMPA)

Solder Rods

Solder Stones

Solder stones are convexly shaped pieces of solder with dimensions of +/- d:37mm and H: 15mm for easy solder bath filling. Available alloys are LMPA™-Q and pure Sn. The standard package is a 2,5kg plastic jar.

Other solder alloys

Solder Bars

Interflux® Solder Bars are made from high purity, low oxidation metals in SnPb(Ag) and lead-free alloys and the LMPA™-Q alloy.

Plain Solder Wires

Interflux® plain solder wire for automatic solder feeding on selective soldering systems in lead-free and SnPb(Ag) alloys and in the LMPA™-Q alloy. Standard diameters are 2mm and 3mm on a 4kg role.

Solder Pellets

Interflux® Solder Pellets are small pieces of solder for easy solder bath filling in lead-free and SnPb(Ag) alloys.