Auxiliary Products

ISC 8020

Interflux® ISC 8020 is a stencil cleaning liquid for the removal of solder paste and uncured SMT adhesives in stencil printers. ISC 8020 has been designed not to interfere with solder paste rheology.

IPA/DI Wipes

Interflux® pre-saturated IPA/DI wipes in flip-top tubs and refill bags for general cleaning of surfaces.

Stencil Clean Wipes

Interflux® pre-saturated stencil clean wipes in flip-top tubs and refill bags for the removal of solder paste and non cured SMT adhesive from stencils and tools.

Anti-Oxidant Pellets

Interflux® Anti-oxidant pellets minimize the formation of oxides on lead-free and SnPb(Ag) solder baths. Used as an addition in the solder bath.
The product is not recommended to be used in closed nitrogen machines nor in combination with Ni-doped soldering alloys.

IF 910

Interflux® IF 910 de-oxidation oil separates oxides from good solder in a solder bath. It can drastically reduce the solder consumption.


LMPA™-Oil is a high purity, low fume and low odour maintenance oil for the non wettable parts of soldering nozzles and for pump shafts when using LMPA™ low melting point soldering alloys in wave or selective soldering machines. LMPA™-Oil will avoid the solder to adhere to the surfaces and cause obstruction of the solder flow.

IF 930

Interflux® IF 930 cleans and de-oxidizes wettable nozzles of selective soldering systems. IF 930 replaces IF 920.

IF 710 Solder mask

Interflux® IF 710 PSM is a natural latex based, fast curing peelable solder mask. To shield areas on a PCB from flux and solder wave contact.

Tip Tinner

Interflux® Tip Tinner cleans and retins tips of soldering irons. The regular use of Tip Tinner can substantially prolong soldering tip life.


Interflux® Purgel is a neutral cleaner/conditioner for pumps and valves of dispensing systems that cleans and preserves dispensing system parts when not in use.