Temple4 are proud to be the exclusive UK importer and distributor for the KYZEN Corporation. KYZEN is a global industry leader in the development and manufacture of advanced cleaning solutions. A trusted company that continuously surpasses customer’s expectations and requirements in quality, support and technology.

Their commitment to ongoing improvement, research and development that consistently results in industry-leading products, such as parts washer solvents, de-greasing soap and aqueous parts washing


High-performance cleaning products and processes help keep the electronic assembly, aerospace, automotive, metal finishing, microelectronics, semiconductor and healthcare industries running smoothly.


Full Technical Support Throughout

Our approach to new and existing business is always the same in which we offer the highest levels of product and applications knowledge for the most challenging of cleaning demands. Temple4 and the team at Kyzen are able to work closely with our customers as a true partnership enabling us to offer the correct products for your particular cleaning application.

Product Range


KYZEN designed its line of Aquanox chemistry as concentrated aqueous cleaning chemistry designed for the Electronic Assembly, Aerospace and Automotive industries. Kyzen formulated Each product in the line for a variety of cleaning processes and purposes such as cleaning circuit boards and printed circuit board cleaning.


Kyzen Formulated Cybersolv products for superior performance in bench top, stencil and maintenance cleaning. For both rework, oven cleaning or stencil cleaning. Cybersolv will outperform anything in its class.


KYZEN’s Ionox products are semi-aqueous and solvent cleaning chemistry, designed to remove tough soils from electronic assembly and advanced packaging products.


KYZEN’s Metalnox products are Solvent and Aqueous precision cleaning metal finishing chemistry formulated for removing tough soils and cleaning metal parts. Used mainly in the Metal Finishing, Industrial and Tooling industries.

Kyzen E

KYZEN offers cost-effective cleaning chemistry designed for the unique challenges of Contract Manufacturing, Stencil and Maintenance Applications.

Cybersolv 141-R

Cybersolv® 141-R is a precision cleaner made from a blend of organic solvents that is safe and ready to use for bench-top electronics cleaning. Cybersolv 141-R is effective on a wide variety of soils typically found in electronic assembly and maintenance cleaning applications.


Cybersolv 141-R is a non-flammable solvent-based bench top cleaning fluid designed to remove rosin, resin, and synthetic polymeric flux residues from electronic circuitry. The mixture of solvents that make up this cleaning fluid are based on the ability to dissolve rosin and low residue flux residues, vapor pressure, stability, and low toxicity. Cybersolv 141-R dissolves the contaminant and then readily evaporates after the cleaning application.

 Brochures & Downloads

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Let us suggest the best solution for your particular application, from our extensive range of products and services.

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