Temple4 are proud to be the exclusive UK importer and distributor for the KYZEN Corporation

Enabling us to supply their high performance, innovative, award winning specialist Electronics and Industrial Cleaning and Metal Finishing products in the UK.

KYZEN is a global industry leader in the development and manufacture of advanced cleaning solutions. A trusted company that continuously surpasses customer’s expectations and requirements in quality, support and technology.

Their commitment to ongoing improvement, research and development that consistently results in industry leading products, such as parts washer solvents, degreasing soap and aqueous parts washer.

With KYZEN we can ensure that all your cleaning requirements are not just met, but exceeded at every stage, from evaluation and testing to implementation.

Their team of expert engineers goes beyond being compliant with current environmental regulations – they anticipate and stay ahead of regulations, because they care.

High performance cleaning products and processes help keep the electronic assembly, aerospace, automotive, metal finishing, microelectronics, semiconductor and healthcare industries running smoothly.

We can find, or ask KYZEN to create, the right solution for your specific needs.

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  • No clean halide free ultra low residue in lead free and lead containing alloys.
  • Rosin based no clean fluxes in both leaded and lead free alloys.
  • Water soluble in both leaded and lead free alloys.
  • Colophony free and halide free no clean fluxes available in various flux contents so that you can fine tune your process, available in leaded and lead free alloys.
  • No clean low residue fluxes designed for automated robot soldering in both leaded and lead free alloys.
  • Fluxes for wave soldering in VOC free and solvent based formulas designed to give the user the widest possible process window with the highest levels of reliability on the market.
  • VOC free and solvent based fluxes for selective soldering use which have been designed to improve solderability and product throughput in production with outstanding product reliability in the field.
  • Rework fluxes and gels for surface mount repair and rework.
  • Flux pens and liquid flux for through hole soldering and repair in both VOC free and solvent packages.
  • Liquid fluxes for dipping applications in VOC free and solvent based formats.
  • Solid wire in all alloys for automatic feeding on selective soldering machines in all diameters.
  • Solder bar, ingots and pellets for wave soldering, selective soldering, dipping pots and automated machines supplied in all major solder alloys including the LMPA-Q alloy by Interflux.
  • No clean low residue solder pastes in all alloy types and in all particle sizes which includes the LMPA-Q alloy from Interlux.
  • All solder pastes types are available in traditional pots with lids, cartridges in all sizes which includes Semco, EFD and Piles.
  • Type three, four and five alloys in lead free and leaded alloys for dispensing applications available in all common cartridge sizes and types.