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Temple4 was born out of general frustration when sourcing consumables and products from a minefield of different suppliers and manufacturers.

We handpick key manufacturers from within the electronics and general manufacturing sectors to work with in long-term partnership.
This promotes stability in product supply which gives our customers the peace of mind they would expect from a key supplier to their business.

Many of our suppliers have created and designed ground breaking and unique products for industry from which our customers benefit from to this day.

45 years experience

With a combined industry knowledge of over 45 years the team at Temple4 are here to support and assist you and we will do our very best to surpass your expectations of customer satisfaction and service.

Our background is from design through to manufacture, enabling us to advise and assist customers on all aspects of product use.
We are well placed to advise customers on how to obtain the very best performance from the products thereby optimising efficiency in production.

With an intimate knowledge and overall experience in business systems, finance, stock control and warehousing, the operations aspect of the business is ready to support our growing sales and forward thinking mindset of the company.

Technical Support

We provide full technical and after sales support for everything that we sell – from the moment you first contact us right through to production and beyond.

We take pride in our commitment to the industries that we supply and support.
We take full advantage of our suppliers’ product training programs, giving us intimate knowledge of all the products we supply. We are renowned in the industry for our high levels of technical support to our customers whether it is by phone, E-mail or on site, our business success is based on absolute customer satisfaction.

Future Ready

We operate a state of the art business system and have cloud-based access to our documentation, 24/7, from any location. This level of investment, attention to detail and forward thinking, enables us to keep up with the very latest information technology and systems. Our commitment to continuous investment and improvement will allow us to serve our customers better and embrace new initiatives and ideas when required.

  • No clean halide free ultra low residue in lead free and lead containing alloys.
  • Rosin based no clean fluxes in both leaded and lead free alloys.
  • Water soluble in both leaded and lead free alloys.
  • Colophony free and halide free no clean fluxes available in various flux contents so that you can fine tune your process, available in leaded and lead free alloys.
  • No clean low residue fluxes designed for automated robot soldering in both leaded and lead free alloys.
  • Fluxes for wave soldering in VOC free and solvent based formulas designed to give the user the widest possible process window with the highest levels of reliability on the market.
  • VOC free and solvent based fluxes for selective soldering use which have been designed to improve solderability and product throughput in production with outstanding product reliability in the field.
  • Rework fluxes and gels for surface mount repair and rework.
  • Flux pens and liquid flux for through hole soldering and repair in both VOC free and solvent packages.
  • Liquid fluxes for dipping applications in VOC free and solvent based formats.
  • Solid wire in all alloys for automatic feeding on selective soldering machines in all diameters.
  • Solder bar, ingots and pellets for wave soldering, selective soldering, dipping pots and automated machines supplied in all major solder alloys including the LMPA-Q alloy by Interflux.
  • No clean low residue solder pastes in all alloy types and in all particle sizes which includes the LMPA-Q alloy from Interlux.
  • All solder pastes types are available in traditional pots with lids, cartridges in all sizes which includes Semco, EFD and Piles.
  • Type three, four and five alloys in lead free and leaded alloys for dispensing applications available in all common cartridge sizes and types.
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