Structural acrylic and flexible adhesives

Flexible Adhesives

Permabond manufactures several types of flexible adhesives to meet the growing demands of industrial engineers. Modified Epoxy and MS Polymer-based adhesive offer a high level of flexibility and each provides unique benefits. The flexibility combined with low shrinkage make them ideal for bonding thin substrates with no read through. They are also suitable for potting electronics without exerting stress on sensitive components.


Key points of using acrylic adhesives are

  • No-mix adhesives with separate resin and initiator – adhesive is applied to one substrate and the initiator is applied to the other.
  • Single component – relies on at least one surface being an active metal to trigger the cure.
  • Bead-on-bead – a bead of one part is directly applied over the other.
  • Two-part pre-mix (use with mixing nozzles).


Key points of using flexible adhesives are.

  • Paintable, Non-corrosive.
  • Fast Tack Free Time.
  • Adhesion to a Variety of Substrates.
  • No primer needed.
  • Weather Resistant- No Cracking or Splitting.
  • Ease of Application – Use in Most Weather Conditions.



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