Interflux® Electronics N.V

Official UK partner/distributor 

Over 40 years of innovation

We are proud to be the official and exclusive partner and distributor for Interflux® Electronics N.V for the UK, This enables us to offer extremely competitive pricing on solder wire, solder paste, fluxes and more whilst offering a premium range of soldering products with unprecedented levels of service and support.

Interflux® Electronics N.V has always been in the forefront when it comes to innovative development of soldering chemistry, and this trend continues with the launch of the LMPA-Q lead free solder alloy.

IF2005M, the first of its kind body-free, No–residueTM flux was conceived, produced and made successful by the Interflux® Group.

Furthermore, Interflux was one of the first to offer a high performance, high quality completely VOC-free line of soldering fluxes: the PacIFic series

Their focal points are No-residueTM; Technology fluxes, absolutely halide-free chemistry, VOC-free fluxes, rosin- and resin-free formulations and much more. True high reliability products from the market leaders in no clean soldering technology..

Product Range

Alloy, rework, & supportive products.

Solder Alloys, de oxidisers, cleaning chemicals, wipes purgel & solder masks.

Liquid Fluxes

Fluxes for wave soldering in VOC free and solvent-based formulas designed to give the user the widest possible process window with the highest levels of reliability on the market.

VOC free and solvent based fluxes for selective soldering use which have been designed to improve solderability and product throughput in production with outstanding product reliability in the field. Rework fluxes and gels for surface mount repair and rework. Flux pens and liquid flux for through-hole soldering and repair in both VOC free and solvent packages.Liquid fluxes for dipping applications in VOC free and solvent-based formats.

Solder Paste

No clean low residue solder pastes in all alloy types and in all particle sizes which includes the LMPA-Q alloy from Interlux. All solder pastes types are available in traditional pots with lids, cartridges in all sizes which includes Semco, EFD and Piles.

Type three, four and five alloys in lead-free and leaded alloys for dispensing applications available in all common cartridge sizes and types.

Solder Wire

No clean halide free ultra low residue in lead free and lead containing alloys. Rosin based no clean fluxes in both leaded and lead free alloys. Water soluble in both leaded and lead free alloys. Colophony free and halide free no clean fluxes available in various flux contents so that you can fine tune your process, available in leaded and lead free alloys.No clean low residue fluxes designed for automated robot soldering in both leaded and lead free alloys.

LMPA – Q Lead Free Products

LMPA is the latest in innovative products from Interflux, a truly exceptional product line that boasts an extensive list of benefits including up to 5 times faster soldering with 0 defects, drastically reduced voiding, and a notable reduction in production costs.

Brochures & Downloads

LMPA™ Product Information.pdf

LMPA voiding article.pdf

OSP selective.pdf

LMPA Solder Alloys.pdf

Interflux Compatibility Chart.pdf


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20th March 2020 

Dear Customer 

I feel it necessary to update you on the impact that the current COVID-19 outbreak is having on us and our supply chain but also, our containment strategy as of today, 20th of March 2020. 

Currently, our offices and warehouse are fully manned and operating as normal 

We have ensured that our staff are fully educated on the symptoms of the Coronavirus and the responsibilities they have in making the right decision to self-isolate and put into place very important containment measures, should the need arise. 

All employees have taken additional hand hygiene precautions and our cleaning routines have become more rigorous and with increased frequency. 

Being a distributor of products and not a manufacturer does allow us to be able to work remotely as required and we have always had systems in place that allow us to work away from the office. The warehouse, goods in and despatch will and can operate as normal, but now includes the additional measures mentioned to ensure that the day to day functions of the warehouse can still operate as normal. 

Customer Visits and Technical Support 

We have cancelled all non-essential customer and supplier visits both internally and externally and all non-essential meetings. We continue to provide full technical support for our products on a remote access basis by email, phone, skype and video conferencing. Our suppliers also operate the same remote support as and when required. 

Supply Chain 

We supply many products that comprise of a mix of raw materials, and we are grateful for all the information being supplied to us by our suppliers and manufacturers. All suppliers have reported that they are largely unaffected at this time and are keeping a close eye on the raw materials that could become problematic if used in the medical and health sectors. If a product does become at risk due to raw material shortages, we have in place alternative products to drop in, if and when required. We have significant stock holding here in the UK, which is being closely monitored and replenished. Some suppliers have reported logistical problems which is starting to have an impact on lead-times. Most of our suppliers and manufactures raw materials can be dual sourced if necessary. 

All of our suppliers and manufacturers are fully aware of the importance to continue to communicate any impact on the supply of products to Temple4, as well as planned mitigation against the impact. 

At this is a continually evolving situation, we will update our customers as much as we can with any significant changes to the above. 

Customer ordering 

In these uncertain times, and to help us and our suppliers/manufactures plan more effectively, we are asking our customers to plan ahead, as much as possible with stock requirements. With this in mind where possible, it would be highly advantageous to have order coverage in place for products, that you use and deem to be critical to your process and business. We can work with call off orders from a covering blanket order and scheduled order coverage as required. Please can I ask that you give us as much visibility as possible so that we can help you by you helping us and our suppliers in these uncertain times. 

Kind regards and please stay safe and healthy.

Nick Hirst Managing Director