We are proud to be the official partner and distributor for Interflux® Electronics N.V.

This enables us to be extremely competitive on pricing whilst offering a premium range of soldering products with unprecedented levels of service and support.

Interflux® Electronics N.V has always been in the forefront when it comes to innovative development of soldering chemistry.

IF2005M, the first of its kind body-free, No–residueTM flux was conceived, produced and made successful by the Interflux® Group.
Furthermore, Interflux was one of the first to offer a high performance, high quality completely VOC-free line of soldering fluxes: the PacIFic series.

Established in 1980, Interflux provides more than 30 years experience in high quality, high reliability soldering chemistry to the electronics assembly industry.

Their focal points are No-residueTM; Technology fluxes, absolutely halide-free chemistry, VOC-free fluxes, rosin- and resin-free formulations and much more

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We’re extremely excited to offer a brand new range of lead free products, LMPA will offer a drop in solution to all existing lead free soldering alloys.

The LMPA products include solder alloys, solder wires and solder pastes along with next generation fluxes and supportive products. “The Future Is LMPA-Q”

  • 5 times faster soldering with zero defect

    LMPA™-Q allows for up to 5 times faster production speeds than Sn(Ag)Cu alloys in combination with lower preheat and soldering temperatures.

  • Reduce voiding below 10%

    Void formation under components with large soldering planes and low stand-off heights, such as QFN components, is a well-known phenomenon.

  • Lower production costs & increase line capacity

    20%-25% lower electricity bills
    95% less wasted alloys
    Soldering without nitrogen
    Lower alloy cost

  • Avoid heat-related board and component failures

    The LMPA-™Q low melting point alloy allows for lower soldering temperatures and virtually eliminates the risk on damage by thermal stress, facilitating the use of temperature sensitive components and PCB board materials.

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